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Emigration from Sweden

The Swedish emigration to America was one of the largest in Europe.  Between 1840 and 1930 about 1,3 million Swedes emigrated, one fifth of the entire population.  Of the European countries, only Great Britain and Norway surpassed Sweden's emigration in proportion to the population of the home country.  Twenty percent of the entire Swedish population emigrated during a period of around 90 years.  The immigrants integrated so well in the American society that the Swedish-American culture all but disappeared.  The number of descendants of Swedish emigrants is about the same as the population of Sweden today, around nine million.

During the migration of the 1860s and 1870s, a great many Swedes chose to live in the six northeastern states of New England.  In 1880 Massachusetts had 4,756 Swedes; Vermont had 4,000 Swedes.  Cities in New England with the most Swedes included Worcester, MA (10,000 Swedes), Boston, Cambridge, Brockton and Lowell - all in Massachusetts; Hartford, New Haven and New Britain in Connecticut; and Providence, Rhode Island.  Of all the US states with Swedish immigrants, Massachusetts ranked 10th, Vermont 11th.  By 1910 Massachusetts rose to 4th place while Connecticut dropped to 12th.  In 1920 Massachusetts and Connecticut maintained their same ranking as in 1910.

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- Rolf Anderson
January 2023