Utvandranar från det gamla land


[1]  Albertina Hörling
[2]  Julius Ossene married Albertina Hörling
[3}  Left Döderhult Sweden for Worcester, Massachusetts
[4]  Maria Lovisa Hörling
[5]  Bengt Jönsson married Maria Lovisa Hörling
[6}  Left Stockholm (Vasastan) Sweden for Cambridge, Massachusetts


Maria Lovisa Hörling and Albertina Hörling

  Maria Lovisa Hörling and her sister Albertina Hörling were born in the Döderhult parish of Småland.  Maria was my great grandmother.  She was born in 1840 to her parents Anders Fredrik Hörling and Lovisa Westerström.  I am still learning about Maria's upbringing.  I am not sure where she met her husband, my great grandfather Bengt Jönsson.  I have a nephew Anders and my middle name is Fredrik.  So that is a nice way that I relate to Anders Fredrik Hörling in addition to being a descendant of him.

Döderhult församling

  Döderhult district is a district in Oskarshamn municipality of southern Sweden which is located in Kalmar county in eastern Småland.  The district was established on January 1, 2016.  This district lies northerly, southerly and westerly of Oskarshamn on the part of the Baltic seacoast known as Kalmarsund.

 Prior to the land reforms of 1971, Döderhult district was part of the area that included the city of Oskarhamn.  Prior to 1967 the area was known as Döderhult församling (parish in English).  The area corresponded to the boundaries of Döderhult parish until the end of December 1999.

 The name Döderhult comes from the 1312 church village of Dudhraholth.  The two-part name means "slow-moving water" (döder) "little forest" (hult).

Albertina Hörling and Julius Ossene

 Albertina Hörling was born in about 1847.  So Albertina was a younger sister to Maria.  Albertina met her husband Julius Ossene in Sweden and married there.  Julius was born in about in 1938.  I do not know where he was born.  But Julius was almost 9 years older than his wife Albertina.  I do not know how common that was to have such an age difference between husband and wife.

 Albertina and Julius Ossene left Sweden in 1870 and arrived in Connecticut by way of the NYC Immigration Center at Castle Garden, New York.  I am not sure where in Connecticut they lived but I will do some research and add that information later.  I believe that they lived in New Haven.  In Connecticut the Ossenes had two children, five years after arriving from Sweden.  Their first child was a girl - Julia Alberta Ossene, born in 1875.  You can see that her name was based on her parents' names.  Alberta is a short form of Albertina.  Their next child was a boy, Albert Julius Ossene, born two years after Julia in 1877.  His name is also based on his parents' names.  The closeness of these names is amazing.

 The city records show that the Ossene family was living in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1880.  Another daughter, Alfreda Julia Ossene, was born in Worcester in 1881.  Another son, Adolphus Julius Ossene, was born in Worcester on Oct 6, 1882.  In Worcester, the Ossene family lived on Granite Street.  Mr. Ossene worked as a sales manager for a clothing manufacturer.  Mrs. Ossene worked as a correspondent for Skandinavia, the Swedish language newspaper in Worcester.

  The Ossene family attended the First Swedish Lutheran Church, Worcester's first of many Scandinavian churches.  They could easily have been members of one or more of Worcester's numerous Swedish social organizations.  It will take more research to know more details about their lives.  The Swedish reference librarian at the Worcester Public Library had never heard the name Ossene before.  The Ossene family were the only people with that last name in Worcester.  And Worcester had many thousands of Swedes living there in 1900.  Thinking the name might have been changed when Julius and Albertina arrived in the USA in 1870, I have researched variations of the name in Swedish records but have not found a family name that comes close to Ossene.

 The Ossenes and their descendants are my cousins.  I have never met them although my sister has.  We have lost track of them and would appreciate hearing from them.

Cambridge Chronicle

10 May 1902


 A lot of 2,870 feet of land, with frame building, on Norfolk street, near Hampshire street, is conveyed by Hannah R. Welch, executrix and trustee, to Bengt Johnson.

 My Great Grandparents bought a house close to where the Swedish Evangelical Mission church was being built.

Cambridge Chronicle

Saturday, February 21, 1903


 William J. McKeever has sold his two-family house numbered 101 Antrim street, with 3500 feet ("square feet") of land, to August Westlund and Nils O. Anderson, who will occupy the same.  The estate ("the property") is assessed for $4,300.

 Nils Olof Anderson was my Great Uncle.  He was a brother to Bror Anton Anderson, who was my father's father.  Nils Olof Anderson and August Westlund were close friends and partners in a building construction company.  The descendants of August Westlund remain good friends with the descendants of Nils Olof Anderson, the Bergstroms, who are my close cousins.

Cambridge Chronicle

Saturday, October 22, 1904



October 15, 1904.  Brewer Anton Anderson, of 421 Putnam Avenue, and Anna Margareta Johnson, of 269 Norfolk Street.

 This was the notice in the newspaper that my grandparents had married.

Cambridge Chronicle

Saturday, March 9, 1912

New Co-Operative Concern

 Thursday the proper papers were filed at the registry of deeds office which gave official life to a recently-organized association known as the North Cambridge Real Estate Co.  The Officers are: President. L. J. Reynolds, financial secretary and treasurer. Edward Griffin, recording secretary, and Al Lynen.  These, together with Nils O. Anderson and J. B. Burgess, will constitute the Board of trustees.  The new concern, which has a membership of twenty, with a waiting list, and a capitalization of $20,000, will be conducted on lines similar to Co-Operatlve banks and buildings, - monthly payments being made on each share.  The trustees are now looking around for real estate properties in which to invest the accumulating funds.  The business is being conducted from the real estate office of Edward Griffin, which will shortly be moved to Taylor's new block, on the corner of Dudley and Massachusetts Avenue.

 This was the notice in the newspaper that my Great Uncle Nils Olof Anderson had formed a building construction company in Cambridge.  Nils Anderson went on to build many houses in Cambridge, Belmont, Somerville, Watertown and Lexington.

The other Swedish language newspaper Skandinavia in Worcester, Massachusetts was published by the Swedish Publishing Company.

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